Definition of no laughing matter in US English:

no laughing matter


  • Something serious that should not be joked about.

    ‘heavy snoring is no laughing matter’
    • ‘Well-timed equipment fires may be a standing industry joke, but the reality is no laughing matter.’
    • ‘However the problem of alcohol abuse in Scotland is no laughing matter as it is a major health and social problem that should be addressed seriously.’
    • ‘Everyone jokes about piles, even though they ain't no laughing matter.’
    • ‘The butt of many a joke, I soon discover that for the sufferers it is no laughing matter.’
    • ‘Stalking is no laughing matter, especially when a crazy person is threatening to make Welsh rabbit out of one of our national treasures.’
    • ‘The troops like to joke that every chapatti they eat costs 40 rupees but winter life on the heights is no laughing matter.’
    • ‘However, I must say that, you know, I always laugh with him, but his policies are no laughing matter.’
    • ‘The eerie silence made him look, at moments, like a stand-up comic whose jokes were falling flat; but of course this was no laughing matter.’
    • ‘It all began as a joke, but the Slow Food movement is no laughing matter.’
    • ‘Maggie couldn't joke about her face; it was no laughing matter.’