Definition of no biggie in US English:

no biggie


  • Used to indicate that something is of little consequence.

    ‘no biggie, no one will know’
    • ‘They're cheap (so no biggie if it doesn't work) and come in different sizes.’
    • ‘When someone praises your newfound accomplishments, don't turn red and mumble, "No biggie."’
    • ‘At first I thought, 'OK, no biggie, we'll get it washed off.'’
    • ‘Nosebleeds are no biggie, unless they occur a few times a week and frequently in the summer - then see your doctor.’
    • ‘The acting is a little light in a couple places, since a number of the actors are early in their career, but it's no biggie.’
    • ‘Hey, an occasional friendship flub is no biggie - everybody screws up.’
    • ‘No biggie, just an old recurring boxing injury from my bare knuckle days.’
    • ‘No biggie, but I thought a small clarification was in order.’
    • ‘It's no biggie if you have another pilot with you, but it can be deadly if you're by yourself.’
    • ‘Others just kept dancing like it was no biggie.’