Definition of no amount of in US English:

no amount of


  • Not even the greatest possible amount of.

    ‘no amount of talk is going to change anything’
    • ‘The old rules have broken down, and no amount of hand wringing can bring them back.’
    • ‘No amount of hoping, no amount of wishing or praying, could bring my mother back to me.’
    • ‘No amount of coercion; no amount of force is going to keep us out of the water.’
    • ‘His government is not trusted, and no amount of socially caring speeches can change that.’
    • ‘No amount of books, no amount of personal testimonial is going to change that.’
    • ‘For pity is not a word to them, no amount of pleading can save you and no amount of money can buy your life.’
    • ‘But no amount of reading or looking at pictures can prepare us for the real thing.’
    • ‘In the end, no amount of criticism could dampen the spirits of Europe's new soccer champions.’
    • ‘After all was said and done, I came to realize that no amount of money could force me to teach a child as unwilling as he was.’
    • ‘For true believers, though, no amount of evidence will ever be enough.’