Definition of no-load in US English:



North American
  • (of shares in a mutual fund) sold without a commission being charged at the time of sale.

    • ‘In sharp contrast to our bear market portfolio is one now being offered by a well known no-load mutual fund company in its recent brochure.’
    • ‘We are concerned primarily with stocks, bonds and no-load mutual funds.’
    • ‘Do not call a broker, because in a no-load fund there are no brokers.’
    • ‘Since then I have been a shareholder in hundreds of no-load funds of all types.’
    • ‘For many asset classes, there are dozens of no-load mutual funds to be investigated for purchase.’
    • ‘But many no-load funds now require a minimum initial investment of $2,500 or more.’
    • ‘Indeed, some investors are willing to pay more for these funds, even though there are plenty of low cost, no-load funds available.’
    • ‘Like many plans, this one sells no-load shares directly to investors who download an application or ask that one be mailed.’
    • ‘A limited number of such vehicles as no-load stock index funds and inflation-indexed Treasury bonds should be made available.’
    • ‘Commissioned brokers may have access to certain no-load mutual funds in a variable annuity wrapper, but there still is a commission on the annuity.’