Definition of no-kill in US English:


(also no kill)


  • A policy or an animal shelter in which abandoned, neglected, or lost animals are not put to sleep even if no home can be found for them.

    ‘there are thousands of no-kills that rescue pets’
    • ‘In early 2005, Maddie's Fund pledged $15.5 million over the next seven years to the Mayor's Alliance for New York City Animals to help transition the city's shelters to no-kill.’
    • ‘If I take the cat to the shelter, it will be a no-kill.’


  • Opposed to or not killing animals that live in shelters.

    ‘find out if the organization has a no-kill policy’
    • ‘It is a no-kill shelter whose sign attracts many cat-loving tourists down to see the cute occupants.’
    • ‘Barabra Yankofsky, founder of the non-profit, no-kill Animal Rescue Network, has a group of Montreal-area veterinarians who offer their services to low-income pet owners for reduced rates.’
    • ‘Our Anti-Cruelty Society became a no-kill shelter last year, so they have stopped dealing with strays at all and will only take in animals relinquished by their owners.’
    • ‘The 15-year-old SPCA Montérégie is the only no-kill facility in the province, housing up to 250 dogs and 75 cats in a facility that includes open rooms, no cages, and outdoor dog runs.’
    • ‘We talk about the options, and I agree to take him to Animal Friends, the only no-kill shelter in the city.’
    • ‘The problem is overcrowding, and unless it's a no-kill shelter, animals can only be kept for a week or two before they are euthanized.’
    • ‘I want to do so many things - volunteer to help kids learn how to read, work at the local no-kill animal shelter, cook healthy meals for Brendan, find the dog a field to run around in, etc.’
    • ‘Seattle area dog owners have been enjoying al fresco dining at fine restaurants with their pooches in support of a no-kill animal shelter.’
    • ‘If no-kill shelters do not kill as many animals as the SPCA, it is simply because they are allowed to be more discriminating about which animals they accept.’
    • ‘The annual event benefits the South Shore shelter, Quebec's largest no-kill SPCA, and encourages folks to give a dog a home.’
    • ‘And it is more than high time to build a no-kill SPCA in Montreal.’
    • ‘Maureen D'Addio, a volunteer at Animal Haven, a no-kill shelter in North Haven, Connecticut, says that the ‘dogs in highest demand are the smaller and younger ones.’’
    • ‘If nothing else, give them to a no-kill shelter rather than the humane society.’
    • ‘It is the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the nation and a quite impressive operation.’
    • ‘I'm really sorry for posting such an awful web page, but it does serve a purpose: here's a list of no-kill shelters for a variety of states.’
    • ‘So finally we figured this wasn't going to work, and took the stray kitten to the no-kill shelter.’
    • ‘We took him to For Sake of Animals, the no-kill shelter, but they had no room.’
    • ‘One of the few no-kill shelters in the province is often in a fairly precarious financial situation.’
    • ‘That love will be passed on through the book's sales as well, with 25% of its profits going to more than 10 animal shelters with no-kill policies.’
    • ‘I talked to a no-kill shelter, which has agreed to take her in and try to find her a home.’