Definition of no-go in English:



  • 1Not ready or not functioning properly.

    • ‘It was repeatedly stuck and no go until 11:15 a.m. when I headed to Lakeland College to teach the first of my classes in Writing Creative Nonfiction.’
    1. 1.1 Impossible, hopeless, or forbidden.
      ‘no-go zones for cars’
      • ‘The police tell us categorically that there is no such thing as a no go zone.’
      • ‘Around town, much of the Central Business District is also a no go zone, with strips of orange and yellow bunting restricting access to sections of footpaths, roads and car parks.’
      • ‘Residents regularly complain about their neighbourhoods becoming no-go zones because of groups of juveniles around the streets drinking, swearing and becoming abusive.’
      • ‘The so-called Sunni Triangle west of Baghdad is now a no-go zone.’
      • ‘Two weeks before the Italy's general election, parts of Italy became no go, as cars were banned to protect the environment.’
      • ‘What specifically would he do in these so-called no-go zones?’
      • ‘The area is becoming a no-go zone - properties that used to be nice can't be let.’
      • ‘There are certain no-go subjects: religion; politics; other people's kids; holidays; home improvements.’
      • ‘So, we're not going to take back these no-go zones.’
      • ‘They say the area has become a no-go zone for buses after 3.30 pm after vehicles were attacked by stone-throwing yobs - some thought to be just six years old.’
      • ‘Today, the city is a no-go zone surrounded by United States marines.’
      • ‘In any case, large parts of the region could become a no go zone for the ‘legitimate’ government.’
      • ‘Certain boroughs in that area are almost no go for my colleagues with shootings reported everyday.’
      • ‘Highway 8, between Baghdad and Hillah is also considered a no go route by humanitarian organisations.’
      • ‘The men, who were carrying explosives, were crawling in a no-go zone near the border fence with Israel when soldiers opened fire, the army said.’
      • ‘He said: ‘We want to dispel the myth that Temple Hill Square is a no-go zone.’’
      taboo, censored, forbidden, banned, interdicted, proscribed, prohibited, not to be spoken of, ineffable, unspeakable, unutterable, unprintable, indescribable, out of bounds, beyond the pale, off limits, that dare not speak its name, disapproved of, frowned on
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  • A negative response; no.

    • ‘Visibility below one half mile is a no go for takeoff, at least for exercise purposes.’
    • ‘The possibility of local assistance in setting up slightly lower level high-tech support industries (like call centers) is a no go in our humble estimation.’
    • ‘Buses were a no go, ferries - don't even think about it.’
    • ‘Before the move can go ahead, both housing associations have to agree the swap, and while her housing association have accepted it, the other one says it's a no go because the house isn't big enough.’
    • ‘And that is why, I think, that a spin-off is a no go.’