Definition of no-fly zone in US English:

no-fly zone


  • A designated area over which aircraft may not fly without risk of interception, especially during a conflict.

    • ‘In between these much larger operations, frequent but limited strikes against military installations continued in the no-fly zones.’
    • ‘In response, President Clinton expanded the southern no-fly zone.’
    • ‘Many people commented on the lack of aircraft noise as a no-fly zone was enforced over central London.’
    • ‘The Civil Aviation Authority said no-fly zones are already in place above some nuclear plants, including Aldermaston.’
    • ‘Flight altitudes vary from one country to the next as well as the no-fly zones declared for military reasons or the equipment used to track aircraft.’
    • ‘It has agreed to send 2,000 soldiers, create a no-fly zone and grant the military the right to shoot down unauthorised planes.’
    • ‘The U.S. and the British patrol those no-fly zones.’
    • ‘These choppers intercept several aircraft a week that have entered the no-fly zone.’
    • ‘You might think that the penalties would be severe for violating a no-fly zone above the White House and Capitol.’
    • ‘We have a no-fly zone over the stadium, military aircraft in the air.’
    • ‘He shot at American airplanes patrolling the no-fly zone.’
    • ‘Our pilots always take the most direct path and never fly in a roundabout way just to avoid things like restricted military no-fly zones.’
    • ‘The centre of Soham was sealed off by police, turning it into a virtual ghost-town, and overhead a police helicopter enforced a no-fly zone.’
    • ‘Bombing in the no-fly zones continued for 12 years.’
    • ‘Security will be very tight for the funeral with more than 6,000 police on duty, while the Italian air force will enforce a no-fly zone above the city.’
    • ‘The situation was so dangerous that most would-be volunteers were kept out of the area, and a no-fly zone was established over the site because of fears that helicopters could set off a fresh landslide.’
    • ‘A hodgepodge of other rules, including no-fly zones, has been suggested as well.’
    • ‘The Administration has instituted no-fly zones above plants, while companies are hiring more guards.’
    • ‘They closed the tall buildings in the Docklands and imposed a no-fly zone over the city.’
    • ‘We saw that last week when an aeroplane strayed into the no-fly zone in Washington.’


no-fly zone

/ˌnoʊ ˈflaɪ ˌzoʊn//ˌnō ˈflī ˌzōn/