Definition of Nizari in US English:



  • A member of a Muslim sect that split from the Ismaili branch in 1094 over disagreement about the succession to the caliphate. The majority of Nizaris now live in South Asia; their leader is the Aga Khan.

    • ‘As a formal means of political action, assassination is usually traced historically to a secret Islamic order known as Nizaris that emerged in the region south of the Caspian Sea that is now encompassed by Syria and Iran.’
    • ‘The latter have two main divisions, the Nizaris and the Mustailians.’
    • ‘Dominique Sila Khan looks at the Nizari Ismaili model of conversion and the impact of Shia-Sunni competition.’
    • ‘It is the Nizari Ismaili community with Aga Khan as their Imam.’
    • ‘The Nizari and Mustali-Tayyibi Ismailis of South Asian origins have been more commonly designated, respectively, as Khojas and Bohras.’