Definition of nitrogen fixation in US English:

nitrogen fixation


  • The chemical processes by which atmospheric nitrogen is assimilated into organic compounds, especially by certain microorganisms as part of the nitrogen cycle.

    • ‘Plastids perform essential cellular functions and harbour a complex biosynthetic machinery for nitrogen fixation, amino acid biosynthesis, sulphur metabolism, isoprenoid biosynthesis, and gene expression.’
    • ‘It does this by integrating natural processes such as nutrient cycling, nitrogen fixation, soil regeneration and natural enemies of pests into food production processes.’
    • ‘Legumes, such as soybean, are able to capture atmospheric nitrogen and utilize it through the process of nitrogen fixation.’
    • ‘Thus, we can see that nitrogen fixation is a unique process in which the soybean plant and bacteria work closely together throughout the season.’
    • ‘In addition, when Cuscuta parasitises Lupinus albus, atmospheric nitrogen fixation by the nitrogen-fixing host is severely depressed.’