Definition of nitrogen cycle in English:

nitrogen cycle


  • The series of processes by which nitrogen and its compounds are interconverted in the environment and in living organisms, including nitrogen fixation and decomposition.

    • ‘This symbiosis, mediated by chemical communication between the plant and the bacteria, is a vital component of the global nitrogen cycle.’
    • ‘The nitrogen cycle and carbon cycle are the two most well known examples of these natural cycles.’
    • ‘The atmospheric nitrogen cycle is highly complex and there is a wide range of factors that can affect the nitrate level in polar ice.’
    • ‘The ecological consequences of failing to recognize novel targets of chemical pollutants and EDCs may be a net loss of biological diversity and a further imbalance of the global nitrogen cycle.’
    • ‘And I'm not just talking about climatic controls, but controls over the nitrogen cycle, the spread of diseases in humans and animals, and the effects of pollution on living organisms.’


nitrogen cycle

/ˈnaɪtrədʒən ˈsaɪkəl/