Definition of nitration in US English:



  • See nitrate

    • ‘In the mining industry, the production of TNT is made possible by the electrophilic nitration of toluene (methyl benzene).’
    • ‘Nitric oxide can react with superoxide yielding peroxynitrite, an oxidizing agent that induces lipid peroxidation, sulfhydryl oxidation of proteins, and nitration of aromatic amino acids.’
    • ‘The added ethyl group makes ethylbenzene about 25 times more reactive to nitration than benzene.’
    • ‘The beneficial actions of hypercapnic acidosis were not mediated by inhibition of nitration of amino acid residues within proteins.’
    • ‘Interaction of Cl 2 with oxides of nitrogen may also occur, causing the chlorination and nitration of various amino acid residues, particularly tyrosine.’