Definition of nitery in US English:


nounPlural niteries

  • A nightclub.

    • ‘But a tourist was charged precisely that when he asked the nitery hostess to get him a pack.’
    • ‘Cyril works as a co-bouncer (with the humourless Nigel) and occasional singer in a seedy niterie, the Blue Cockatoo Club, owned by the cigar-puffing Colwyn Stanley, a former bed-mate of Cyril's mother.’
    • ‘On the one hand, permits for farangs operating Pattaya bars and niteries are no longer almost impossible to obtain.’
    • ‘The amber liquid is still flowing freely in the niteries, although you may have to box a little cleverer to slake your thirst half an hour later.’
    • ‘Moreover, there's at least one nitery in Pattaya which openly advertises a lesbian show.’
    • ‘It's odd how some nitery owners are complaining about a total collapse in the market whilst others are still making a profit.’
    • ‘But if farangs actually are the problem, why are so many work permits still handed out to foreign investors in nitery and bar businesses?’
    • ‘The jazz runs hot in the delightful opening of The Triplets of Belleville, a retro variety show of mid-1930s stars, who perform for all the swells at the Swinging Belleville Rendezvous nitery.’
    • ‘If it's now up to nitery owners to ensure that there are no customers under 20 in their establishments, what about the workers on stage and off who are 18 up?’
    • ‘What does the nitery crackdown have in common with cheating baht bus drivers, a hike in the price of visas and rubbish in the streets?’
    • ‘Pattaya's hotel and nitery owners are putting on a brave face, but the reality is probably that many farangs are going to delay their winter holidays this year.’
    • ‘We hear that the nitery does not have persistent barkers instructing you to get inside.’