Definition of nite in English:



  • ‘grist for a million late-nite TV jokes’
    simplified spelling of night
    • ‘As the show ended, the crowd lumbered unable to digest that the nite was over.’
    • ‘To complete the shopping experience, there is some great entertainment like musical nites, fashion shows and cultural programmes.’
    • ‘Only one more nite of sleeping on a mattress on the floor, mind you we have had the best sleep in ages over the past few nites… its always an adventure of some kind or another in this household...’
    • ‘Such is life. There will be other Saturday nites I guess and next week, I will be on call.’
    • ‘I think it was the smallest nite spot I have ever seen, tucked away in a basement on a little known back street.’
    • ‘There is a sudden surge of award nites these days.’
    • ‘The organisers now say they only had plans to organise a music nite featuring young singers.’
    • ‘The mother of all cinema nites, the Oscar awards night would begin the same time when cricket's version of the Oscars unfolds in South Africa.’
    • ‘Its to the point now that I don't even check the guide on Tuesday nites to see what fights are being aired.’
    • ‘Dance, music, choreography, cinematic dance, comedy show… the curtains are going up on another edition of the Film Critics and Television award nites at the University Senate Hall on April 9.’
    • ‘It was all great grist for the late nite comics last night.’
    • ‘Yes I agree with comments below about the mid-week nites, however the crowd are becoming a little less beautiful and a little more pretentious.’
    • ‘In it, there is a young man waking up in the morning after a nite of excess and liquor.’
    • ‘On sweet Texas nites like tonite, it is said you can hear its plaintive howl.’
    • ‘Its a real shame that no one goes out on a Wednesday nite as the music is great and the doormen are delicious!’
    • ‘You really helped me the other nite, which leads me to think you're a great friend too.’
    • ‘The nite also reiterated the hackneyed fact that music is not confined to one place.’
    • ‘Who are the stars who participate in all these star nites?’
    • ‘It was the young girl who was playing with Luca the nite before.’
    • ‘The locals are friendly, but the nite life is not up to metropolitan standards according to those who study such matters.’