Definition of Nissen hut in US English:

Nissen hut


  • A hut made of corrugated iron with a concrete floor, similar to a Quonset hut.

    • ‘The beds in our Nissen hut were of the two-tier type.’
    • ‘Fifty-one years ago WWII members clubbed together to buy the Nissen hut which used to shelter soldiers during World War II but no one today knows how much the building cost.’
    • ‘Over the past 100 years since it was founded by great-great grandfather William, the Stanton family has been serving fish on the docks, first at St Andrew's Dock and then in a Nissen hut at William Wright Dock.’
    • ‘Inside each cage were four 35-metre-long, draughty, tin-roofed Nissen huts left over from the Second World War, with one small electric heater in the middle of each hut.’
    • ‘His list included the Italian Chapel, on the island of Lambholm, created from converted Nissen huts by Italian prisoners of war in 1943.’
    • ‘They were encamped in fields or housed in barracks and Nissen huts on the outskirts of Mere, Tisbury and Tilshead.’
    • ‘But after the first news items allowed by the censors, the talk in the Nissen hut resumed is the men shrugged off what had been expected for weeks.’
    • ‘Later they moved into a Nissen hut in ‘Hollywood’ where they stayed until transferred to Adelaide.’
    • ‘We were dumped by some old Nissen huts at the edge of some sand dunes, looking out over a vast, sandy expanse of beach.’
    • ‘Against all the odds, London was also to host the 1948 Olympics - even if the athletes had to sleep in Nissen huts and bring their own sandwiches.’
    • ‘In Long Kesh (an American air force base during the Second World War) all prisoners lived in cages, compounds of four Nissen huts surrounded by barbed wire.’
    • ‘A short time later, as he lay reading on his bunk in the Nissen hut, he was called outside and then suddenly accosted by the petty officer and another man.’
    • ‘They had no objections to the proposal for the maintenance yard off Raines Road which currently houses old Nissen huts.’
    • ‘His fledgling business moved to a site in Hungate, where he built a workshop from two naval Nissen huts made from corrugated iron.’
    • ‘Councillors considered the replacement of the old Nissen hut as a planning gain and approved the application.’
    • ‘By the railway there are still bowling greens and at Attleborough, a porky little Nissen hut.’
    • ‘Curious, I stepped outside the Nissen hut and peered into the damp overcast.’
    • ‘During the war, it had been an army bridging school - and the Nissen huts and Army buildings are still there today, pressed into use as offices and workshops.’
    • ‘So literally, four Dutchmen turned up, and beds were hastily set up in a disused Nissen hut on the site.’
    • ‘We moved the laboratory again, but this time from a laboratory opened in 1987 to Nissen huts erected during the second world war.’


Early 20th century: named after Peter N. Nissen (1871–1930), the British engineer who invented it.


Nissen hut

/ˈnɪs(ə)n ˌhət//ˈnis(ə)n ˌhət/