Definition of nisin in US English:



  • An antibiotic substance which is a mixture of related polypeptides and is used in some countries as a food preservative.

    This substance is produced by the bacterium Streptococcus lactis

    • ‘However, there is little published information pertaining to the applicability of nisin on peel fibrous film and its bactericidal effect on deli meat products.’
    • ‘My results suggest that the inactivation of nisin by the producer organism may not be entirely enzymatic.’
    • ‘They also identified the structure of the enzyme that makes nisin and gives it its unique biological power.’
    • ‘The authors reported that nisin can be sensitizing via i.p. injection but not by oral treatment.’
    • ‘Thus the intensity of fluorescence is directly proportional to the amount of nisin in the environment.’


1940s: from ( Group) N i(nhibitory) s(ubstance) + -in.