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  • 1The small projection in which the mammary ducts of female mammals terminate and from which milk can be secreted.

    • ‘In addition to this, it is likely that you will be unable to breastfeed in the future, because the nipple has been separated from the milk ducts during the operation.’
    • ‘The actress's protruding nipples were removed from the posters after producers feared they could prove offensive and spark a string of complaints, according to Austrian magazine News.’
    • ‘Her lips felt painful and so did the nipples of her small breasts.’
    • ‘It is also illegal to show nipples in public events.’
    • ‘This pushes the milk to the nipple, and releases it as the baby feeds.’
    • ‘The condition of inverted nipples occurs in about two percent of women.’
    • ‘I am sure you remember the cover of the breastfeeding baby smiling with a nipple in her mouth.’
    • ‘It's caused by friction when the nipple rubs against fabric.’
    • ‘If you leak breast milk, press down on the nipple with the heel of your hand or put pressure across your chest by crossing your arms.’
    • ‘A cleft in the roof of the mouth makes it difficult for the baby to suck forcefully enough to draw milk through a nipple.’
    • ‘There's no health risk in having an inverted nipple.’
    • ‘I have a pierced nipple and I breastfed for a year and it was no problem.’
    • ‘Avoid soap on your areolae and nipples, as it tends to dry out the skin.’
    • ‘When Rachel got to see her baby, she was urged by the attending nurse to put her nipple to the baby's mouth.’
    • ‘Persistently sore nipples usually indicate that the baby is not sucking correctly.’
    • ‘In the original broadcast, the mother's nipple is visible as the baby starts to feed.’
    • ‘He's wearing the glove instead of the lady and the woman's nipple is exposed.’
    • ‘Attention to sore nipples should be provided early before severe pain with cracking and abrasions occur.’
    • ‘No, you wanted to see perky nipples and unbridled bloodshed.’
    • ‘At one point, the strap on her singlet top snapped, but no nipple was seen.’
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    1. 1.1 The corresponding vestigial structure in a male.
      • ‘These include the appendix, most body hair, wisdom teeth, male nipples, and external ear muscles, to name just a few.’
      • ‘You reckon that it's a bit like the male nipple, a mere by-product.’
      • ‘She reached down and viciously tweaked the sleeping man's nipple.’
      • ‘Anatomists cite many more examples of such inefficient or useless structures, such as nipples in male primates.’
      • ‘As she ran her hands over his chest, she made approving noises and tweaked one of his nipples playfully.’
      • ‘An attractive man with no shirt and nice nipples suddenly appears before the startled young couple, who nearly drop their beverages’
      • ‘I tweaked his nipple and then a little harder until he gasped.’
      • ‘While nipples in woman serve a purpose, male nipples appear to be simply left over from the initial stage of embryonic development.’
      • ‘Yet, while it's perfectly acceptable for males to flash them - nipples and all - in public, it's taboo in the United States for women to do the same.’
      • ‘I grabbed at his nipple as he was going into a fetal position, and twisted.’
    2. 1.2North American The flexible tip of a baby's pacifier or feeding bottle.
      • ‘Special nipples and other devices can help make feeding easier; you will probably receive some instructions in how to use them and where to buy them before you take your baby home from the hospital.’
      • ‘There is even a scene in which Peter tastes the milk from the nipple of the bottle, and then pours it into his coffee.’
      • ‘Spending extra on a bottle and nipples in order to get the correct mouthfeel and traces of rubber would be out of the question.’
      • ‘It's not harmful, unless you attach a nipple to the bottle of solution and force feed it to your pet.’
      • ‘Express a small amount of formula from the bottle and wipe it over the nipple.’
      • ‘A nipple is built into the hood at mouth level, so the mother has only to fill the baby bottle and screw it into the valve behind the nipple.’
      • ‘I went out and bought baby bottles, but forgot the nipples.’
      • ‘We put a nipple on the bottle and raise it and gave our son a bottle of Tabasco.’
      • ‘She no longer had to be guided to the bottle's nipple, grabbing it expertly and with gusto.’
      • ‘If the parents-to-be have specified in the baby registry a brand or shape of bottles, nipples, and pacifiers, these items may be a safe choice for a baby shower gift.’
      • ‘Although bottle nipples have enormously improved over the last 15 years, their structure and texture have little in common with a natural nipple.’
      • ‘The baby must develop different techniques for extracting milk from human and rubber nipples.’
      • ‘The researchers also tested each baby's taste preferences using a special nipple that delivers tiny drops of fluids and then records the intensity and frequency of a baby's sucking.’
      • ‘Rubber nipples take much longer to crack than the real things.’
  • 2A small projection on a device or machine, especially one from which oil, grease, or other fluid is dispensed in small amounts.

    • ‘The hose that feeds the boom and the plug can be attached to these nipples.’
    • ‘With the originals, it was necessary to load powder, ram a ball home and then cap the nipple on the back of the cylinder.’
    • ‘The solution is to order alloy rims and steel spokes and nipples while forks can be ordered in England.’
    • ‘These balls were rammed home after the powder charge was placed in each cylinder and a nipple on each cap.’
    • ‘It should be noted that this rim is so strong that even with seven nipples starting to pull out of the rim, it was barely out of true.’
    • ‘Connect the hose to the hose nipple found on the bottom of the faucet.’
    • ‘If you have the type that slips over a copper nipple, use a hex key (also called Allen wrench) to loosen the setscrew on the underside to twist-pull the spout off.’
    • ‘A barrel shaped coil spring is snapped over the nipple and positively retained thereto.’
    • ‘Have them trued up well, just to the place you like them, and then apply some Lock-Tite or similar substance to the spoke nipples.’
    • ‘One of the rims is leaking air around the spoke nipples.’
    1. 2.1 A short section of pipe with a screw thread at each end for coupling.
      • ‘The part, a pipe nipple that threads into the exhaust elbow, is used only on Kohler's 7.5kw model, was original to the generator and is located in an area difficult to reach and inspect.’
      • ‘The horizontal opening of the T joint is connected to the Unitrol valve by a short piece of pipe called a nipple.’
      • ‘Fuel fills can cause a spill if the hose slips off the fuel fill and gasoline is pumped into the bilge; connecting nipples can break under the deck where they're not seen or if clamps become loose.’
      • ‘The ends of the tubing are compressed and 1-inch stainless steel pipe nipples are welded to each end of the stainless steel tubing.’
      • ‘To assemble the unit, thread the nipple into the ball valve, then thread the nipple into the bushing.’


[with object]usually be nippled
  • Provide (something) with a projection like a nipple.

    ‘rocks nippled with limpets’


Mid 16th century (also as neble, nible): perhaps a diminutive of neb.