Definition of nip and tuck in English:

nip and tuck

adjective & adverb

  • Neck and neck; closely contested.

    [as adverb] ‘it was nip and tuck until the Tigers took the lead’


  • A cosmetic surgical operation.

    • ‘A nip and tuck later and the doubles are switched with their real life counterparts.’
    • ‘Around £400 a month should keep up my Botox levels and allow for the odd nip and tuck.’
    • ‘Whether it's a simple nip and tuck or substantial reconstructive surgery, the course is given plenty of time to heal all scars.’
    • ‘In the phony world of celebrity, very few are as honest about having had a little work, a little nip and tuck, so to speak, as you have always been.’
    • ‘Surgeons claim the rise in the number of people going under the knife has been fuelled by the growing acceptance of cosmetic surgery and the increasing number of celebrities openly admitting they have had a nip and tuck.’