Definition of ninth in US English:


ordinal number

  • 1Constituting number nine in a sequence; 9th.

    ‘the ninth century’
    ‘the ninth of March’
    • ‘Yesterday's win was his ninth of the season and the 62nd of his remarkable career.’
    • ‘Alfred took measures to remedy that situation by importing books and scholars from the continent, thus gradually restocking the native libraries that had suffered during the ninth century.’
    • ‘Some time around the ninth century, Sappho's nine books were irrecoverably lost.’
    • ‘Coinage was at a very early stage in all parts of Britain and Ireland during the ninth to eleventh centuries.’
    • ‘He was born at Johnstown, the ninth of 11 children.’
    • ‘This year will be the ninth time the bi-annual show has been held in Trowbridge Park and the Civic Hall and it usually attracts crowds of people from all over the area.’
    • ‘Dating from the late ninth century AD, the hoard includes silver coins, fragments of two swords, weights, a belt buckle, strap ends as well as the boat nails.’
    • ‘A few months after returning home, I had my ninth birthday.’
    • ‘Barrie was born in 1860, the ninth of 10 children.’
    • ‘They're excited, and they're fired up about the upcoming election here on the ninth.’
    • ‘Statistics on climate in northern Europe for the ninth to eleventh centuries are virtually non-existent.’
    • ‘Also, on a totally unrelated note, I'd like to point out to the good people of South West London that it is, in fact, the ninth of November and therefore a good few days past bonfire night.’
    • ‘So, in effect, they're treating the ninth of September like the first of January, doing a twelve month retrospective.’
    • ‘He was the ninth of ten children and not his strict mother's favorite.’
    • ‘The draw - their ninth of the campaign - was no more than they deserved against a team with Champions League aspirations.’
    • ‘It will be Hall's ninth tribunal appearance in nine seasons.’
    • ‘I've just been informed that this is the ninth of May.’
    • ‘An attempt at implementation constitutes the ninth stage of the systematic conservation planning process.’
    • ‘The theme for this year's convention (the ninth in succession) is ‘Do not be identified with worldly life’.’
    • ‘The strike constituted Crawford's ninth goal of the season.’
    1. 1.1a ninth/one ninth Each of nine equal parts into which something is or may be divided.
    2. 1.2 The ninth finisher or position in a race or competition.
      ‘he came in ninth’
      • ‘Frankie Dettori, a two-time winner of the event, finished ninth with two points.’
      • ‘Cartwright's last runner was Stone Prince, who finished ninth in the fifth race.’
      • ‘Amy Costello continued her recent good form by finishing ninth in the 200m breaststroke.’
      • ‘Last year, Erik's first year, he placed ninth in the state Bee.’
      • ‘Dino Crescentini jumped out to an early lead in the Touring Car Rookie of the Year race when he finished ninth in the season-opening race at Sebring.’
      • ‘At the 1999 Worlds, Slater and Skinner placed ninth and 16th all-around, respectively.’
      • ‘Another British rider, Bradley Wiggins finished ninth in the scratch race - his first competitive outing since winning three medals in Athens.’
      • ‘Schumacher's Ferrari teammate Rubens Barrichello had a disappointing race, finishing ninth.’
      • ‘He finished ninth in the 2002 point race after placing a surprising fourth as a rookie.’
      • ‘Bingley's Rob Jebb, who lives at Staveley, was a disappointing ninth, four places behind his main challenger for the British championship title, Ian Holmes.’
      • ‘Women's windsurfer Natasha Sturges was ninth in race four and stands ninth overall.’
      • ‘Danica Patrick, who led the field to the green flag, finished ninth.’
      • ‘The Chargers have held up fairly well against the pass, ranked ninth in the league.’
      • ‘Last year, though, his fortunes took a turn for the worse, and he finished a disappointing ninth.’
      • ‘At the 2001 Worlds, the British women finished ninth in the team competition, and Tweddle placed 24th all-around.’
      • ‘After finishing ninth at Dover, he has climbed to 10th in points.’
      • ‘Remarkably, he finished in the top 10 in each race, including ninth in the Daytona 500.’
      • ‘Chloe McCarthy came in ninth in her race and did really well against tough competition.’
      • ‘Neal was next up and then, finishing a disappointing ninth having been among the leaders, was Muller.’
      • ‘The Braves, however, ranked ninth in the league in both scoring average and fielding percentage last season.’
    3. 1.3US The ninth and final inning of a regulation baseball game.
      ‘he was rocked for five runs in the ninth’
      • ‘The game finished in dramatic fashion as Brothers loaded the bases in the bottom of the ninth with none out and Workers winning 12-8.’
      • ‘He watched four balls go by and trotted to first as the Giants took the lead and the N.L. pennant when the Dodgers failed to score in their half of the ninth.’
      • ‘Ichiro flew out to center off Cordero in the ninth.’
      • ‘Brandon Lyon, the fifth Arizona pitcher, worked the ninth for his third save in as many games and his big league-leading 10th in 11 chances.’
      • ‘It sometimes became irrelevant in the bottom of the ninth.’
      • ‘Keith Foulke pitched a perfect ninth for his 10th save in as many chances.’
      • ‘When the Indians put two more runs on the board in their half of the ninth, this was the signal for Satchel to cruise.’
      • ‘Waterloo substituted two more pitchers: Alex Beauvais allowed four more Brock runs and Scott Redden pitched a shutout ninth.’
      • ‘Brian Bruney pitched the ninth for his third save, sending Arizona to its sixth win in eight games.’
      • ‘Octavio Dotel pitched the ninth for his third save.’
      • ‘The second pitcher works through the end of the eighth inning and the third works the ninth.’
      • ‘He retired the A's in the ninth and won his first major league victory.’
      • ‘Mariano Rivera pitched a perfect ninth for his 42nd save.’
      • ‘B.J. Ryan pitched a perfect ninth for his 21st save.’
      • ‘Foulke escaped the seventh with a ground ball and a nine-pitch strikeout of Williams, and kept the Yanks at bay through their half of the ninth.’
      • ‘Instead, he saw Biggio and Bagwell fail to get the winning run home from third in the ninth.’
      • ‘Mariano Rivera pitched the ninth for his 51st save.’
      • ‘Pettitte struck out three and walked one, and Octavio Dotel struck out the side in the ninth for his third save in three chances.’
    4. 1.4Music An interval spanning nine consecutive notes in a diatonic scale.
      • ‘You can't create a chord for it with three pitches each a half-step (or a major seventh or minor ninth, for that matter) apart.’
      • ‘Percussive rhythm and pointillist effects propel this chant-like song depicting death as a beautiful woman marching on a road of bleached bones; difficult intervals, many sevenths and ninths.’
      • ‘Mundy wrote The Buzzard especially at the request of Cecilia McDowall, whose initially rather spiky setting, using octaves and ninths, sets the scene for a clever contrast at the moment the bird soars, with accelerating swooping music.’
    5. 1.5Music The note that is nine notes higher than the tonic of a diatonic scale or root of a chord.
      • ‘The work lies far closer, at least in its harmonic thought, to American Modernism (say, Copland's music of the Twenties) than to what we might expect from familiar Creston - diatonic chords leavened with major sevenths and ninths.’
    6. 1.6Music A chord in which the ninth note above the root forms an important component.
      • ‘The ornaments are measured and written out, it is in C major and it requires the hand span of a ninth.’
      • ‘Scott and Dankworth were blown away by the melodic lines of modern jazz and its soulful use of chord substitutions, ninths and flattened fifths.’
      • ‘The E-flat's doable, but it's that diminished ninth… that's a male's chord.’