Definition of nimbly in English:



  • In a nimble way.

    ‘the monkey leapt nimbly from rock to rock’
    • ‘Her long lithe limbs carrying her forward quickly and nimbly with me scurrying along behind her.’
    • ‘That preparedness comes at the expense of being prepared to fight nimbly in a world of small, quick players.’
    • ‘Though if you were watching, you'd find your heart in your mouth as they raced after balls and leaped nimbly over the barriers.’
    • ‘It will have to move nimbly if it wants to survive among the mammoths.’
    • ‘Many look to streamline the system to more nimbly counter the unpredictable terrorist threat.’
    agilely, lithely, acrobatically, lightly, easily, spryly, actively, quickly, smartly, briskly
    gracefully, supply, lissomly, flexibly, skilfully, deftly, dexterously, adroitly
    nippily, zippily
    fleetly, lightsomely
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