Definition of nightlife in US English:



  • Social activities or entertainment available at night in a town or city.

    ‘it's only a short walk to the beaches and nightlife’
    ‘nightlife is varied, with open-air concerts, bars and a disco’
    • ‘The city's nightlife and friendliness is also singled out for praise.’
    • ‘Come here for the beaches, the Latin flavour and abundant nightlife.’
    • ‘They want entertainment, shops, nightlife and their workplace within easy walking distance.’
    • ‘Bolton town centre's nightlife has been given a new boost with more pubs planning to stay open until the early hours.’
    • ‘His few free moments he spends out in the wonderful nightlife of the city.’
    • ‘Despite the absence of Irish pubs and techno bars, we found the local nightlife impressive for such a small town.’
    • ‘Portoroz, the more established of the two towns, does have a casino and some nightlife.’
    • ‘Last but not least, he enjoys nightlife, no small concern in the city that never sleeps.’
    • ‘Its storefronts are fresh and occupied and its nightlife hops with the energy of a college town.’
    • ‘Take an end-of-summer city break in Oslo and enjoy the bustling nightlife as the bars fill up to catch the end of the midnight sun.’
    • ‘Underneath, I guessed, the silent town had its own nightlife, the pubs and the brothels.’
    • ‘The crew also enjoyed the shopping and nightlife in one of the greatest cities in the world.’
    • ‘For nightlife, Athens is a vibrant city that more or less stays open all night long.’
    • ‘There is nightlife in the city centre but you have to know where to look, and just as importantly where to avoid.’
    • ‘Southend's police chief today spoke of his fears over the town's booming nightlife.’
    • ‘Now the area is a commercial city unto itself with modern housing, shopping and vibrant nightlife.’
    • ‘On my second night in Saipan I went to a beach bar, where I first experienced the local nightlife.’
    • ‘With its countless bars and clubs, the area is the hub of the town's nightlife.’
    • ‘I explored so much nightlife and low-life that I only went home to sleep.’
    • ‘The nightlife in any city is to be calibrated by its accessibility to the largest population groups.’