Definition of nightclubbing in US English:



  • See nightclub

    • ‘But I go nightclubbing, I dance, I really enjoy it and I try not to worry, although I know the next day I'm going to be absolutely shattered.’
    • ‘The only reason I went was because I was hoping to get somewhere with this particular female workmate I used to go out nightclubbing with, but I was sorely disappointed for almost 2 years.’
    • ‘On an album dedicated to the enchantment of pure nightclubbing, they appear to harbour an awareness of how partying one's blues away isn't an entirely neutral, innocent pastime, disconnected from the world.’
    • ‘They're lovable jerks and idiots with more dimension than the average comedy sidekicks, and luckily Andy survives their doomed regimen of nightclubbing, speed dating, and misplaced mentorship, although barely.’
    • ‘In the past year the city has seen the birth of no less than five new alternative nights, where new wave, punk, glam and Britpop enthusiasts share music, share clothes and generally indulge in some serious nightclubbing.’