Definition of nightclubber in US English:



  • See nightclub

    • ‘I was a receptionist for a while, and then a ‘pizza delivery boy’ for a year, and then ‘moved up’ to ‘pizza seller’, standing in front of the shop and selling pizza to drunken nightclubbers passing by.’
    • ‘For her the job is about getting some ‘life experience’ and like her new colleagues she said she was not fazed by the prospect of tackling aggressive beggars or dealing with rowdy drunken nightclubbers.’
    • ‘And whilst people of any age can have their drink spiked, not just the nightclubbers, it's shocking to know that it ‘also happens at private functions not just pubs and clubs ‘says the Constable.’
    • ‘She would get hopelessly drunk and become extremely flirtatious with other nightclubbers.’
    • ‘Apparently his flatmate is a big nightclubber - he was telling us of the conversation he had with his flatmate last weekend.’