Definition of night shift in US English:

night shift


  • 1The period of time scheduled for work at night, as in a factory or other institution.

    • ‘She works the night shift at a hospital in New Jersey.’
    • ‘After working the night shift for three months, I was transferred to the day shift.’
    • ‘So where hospitals have been able to staff the night shift, that's how nurses have done it.’
    • ‘To earn extra money, he switches to the night shift in the bottle factory where he's a valued worker.’
    • ‘Two thousand mostly female workers carry out a ten-hour night shift at an armaments factory dedicated to making tank parts.’
    • ‘We thought, okay, he needs to adjust to the night shift.’
    • ‘We excluded 2 subjects working night shift during the study period from the analysis.’
    • ‘But usually only one doctor and about one-third of the nurses work at the hospital during the night shift.’
    • ‘The woman, who is in her 30s, was on her way to a night shift at Harwich Hospital.’
    • ‘David probably just left for a night shift at the hospital.’
    • ‘Besides her mom was working the night shift at the hospital and wouldn't be able to hear them ‘getting out of hand’.’
    • ‘And so I have begun another week of working the night shift in the ER.’
    • ‘For the most part though, this is a brilliant job, but if alcohol did not exist, we would have a very quiet time on the night shift.’
    • ‘However, during the critical night shift no more than five are rostered for duty, leaving just 16 ambulances to cover the greater Dublin region.’
    • ‘Today begins my transition into working the night shift.’
    • ‘Their mother worked the night shift at the local hospital and did not get home until eight in the morning.’
    • ‘Cognitive performance improved from baseline to test periods during the night shift.’
    • ‘To those working on the night shift, this cold feeling should be considered a warning sign of extreme circadian disruption.’
    • ‘I heard Karen come in from her night shift at about 4:00.’
    • ‘Mom's out for the night, as usual, since she's over at the hospital doing the night shift.’
    1. 1.1 The employees who work during the night shift.
      • ‘The actions of the night shift on Tier 1 were an aberration.’
      • ‘When union representatives went out to the station to meet the night shift coming on duty, they were met by management with letters threatening action.’
      • ‘Employees were milling around the lobby preparing for the night shift to come in.’
      • ‘In the early evening after a long hot early summer day the landscape relaxed gently, gathering soft blue mists about itself and taking a long deep breath before the night shift came out.’
      • ‘‘The night shift will have to remove the graffiti over there,’ one of the workers told me, pointing at the far wall on the other side of the track.’


night shift

/ˈnīt ˌSHift/