Definition of night monkey in US English:

night monkey


  • another term for douroucouli
    • ‘We saw squirrel monkeys, capuchins, spider monkeys, peccaries, kinkajous, coatis, howler monkeys, tayras - a large mustelid that Martyn thought was a tree otter - pacas, night monkeys, giant anteaters and a tapir.’
    • ‘This type of activity pattern, which is termed cathemeral, has been reported outside Madagascar in only one other primate: Azara's night monkey in South America.’
    • ‘These two adaptations help the noisy night monkey steer clear of predators in the rainforest.’
    • ‘The eyes of the night monkey lack the reflective layer behind the retina that most nocturnal mammals have.’
    • ‘Medical management of the diseases of night monkeys is complex and requires close veterinary supervision.’