Definition of night court in US English:

night court


  • A criminal court that holds sessions at night for granting bail and quickly disposing of charges.

    • ‘Why do we not open up the courts at night and have judge-only night courts, to get the proceedings through in a much more timely fashion?’
    • ‘Proposing compulsory ID cards as a measure to combat street violence, Mr Noonan also said there needed to be more Gardaí on the streets late at night, night courts and more closed circuit television systems.’
    • ‘The next step for Fred was night court, and by the time Judge Harold Adler assumed the bench there, Fred's fate was sealed.’
    • ‘He is also well placed to steer through the promised reforms of the court system and bring in the new night courts, part of the bid to make the streets safer.’
    • ‘And you know, when I was college age, I remember when I was in college, for of cheap date on a Friday night, I would take the girl to night court.’
    • ‘There appears to be general agreement that night courts will allow justice to be administered swiftly and make the streets safer.’
    • ‘Alan Arkin stars as Judge Joe Rifkind, also known as ‘Let 'Em Go Joe’ for his wayward-liberal coddling of the perps who stand before him in downtown night court.’
    • ‘Many other promises including the promise of night courts, are currently tied up in reports or legal consideration.’
    • ‘Production begins this summer with stories focusing on the lives of prosecutors, defense attorneys and accused criminals in the night court of New York city.’
    • ‘How about establishing a special night court / tribunal to deal with litterbugs?’
    • ‘‘The criminal justice system needs to be swift in dealing with offenders and the operation of night courts should be considered,’ the report said.’
    • ‘The bail hearing wouldn't take place for another hour, night court at seven-thirty, which in reality meant it might not actually happen till nine.’