Definition of night adder in US English:

night adder


  • A venomous nocturnal African viper.

    Genus Causus, family Viperidae: several species, in particular the gray and black C. rhombeatus, common in southern Africa

    • ‘The night adders, of which there are several species, are classified in the genus Causus.’
    • ‘The night adders, in terms of the venom gland size to the body size, has the longest venom glands of all snakes.’
    • ‘There are no leopards in the area anymore to worry about, but beware of the night adders which seem to like the indigenous forest below the cave.’
    • ‘Every morning we shook our shoes for scorpions, and every night we ducked the night adders that fell out of trees.’
    • ‘The egg-eater has a cats eye shape while the night adder has a round pupil.’