Definition of night-blooming cereus in US English:

night-blooming cereus


  • A tropical climbing cactus with aerial roots and heavily scented flowers that open only at night and are typically pollinated by bats.

    Genera Hylocereus and Selenicereus, family Cactaceae: several species, in particular H. undatus

    • ‘The night-blooming cereus likes dappled shade in the summer and a sunny window in the winter.’
    • ‘From time to time, night-blooming cereus that is growing in pots will need to be repotted.’
    • ‘I had seen one in bloom in the Exotic Items Collection of the SNW National Botanical Gardens: the rare night-blooming cereus.’
    • ‘The desert night-blooming cereus is a root succulent, possessing a tuberous root, commonly weighing between 5 and 15 pounds.’
    • ‘Can you believe that the University of Hawaii has a hedge of night-blooming cereuses?’