Definition of niggardliness in US English:



  • See niggardly

    • ‘There is a kind of niggardliness that mistakes itself for measure, for judgment.’
    • ‘Negative values include cheating, lying, depriving others of their due rights, malice and hatred, amassing wealth or hoarding, greed, niggardliness, and excessive indebtedness.’
    • ‘Men with implausible whiskers and killer breath traded ribaldry and cursed the niggardliness of non-buyers, while women doled out penny dainties to raggedy kids and cackled about their menfolk's amorous shortcomings.’
    • ‘It is the third of these goods that is chiefly at risk, on the one hand because of men's avidity and the limited extent of their benevolence, and on the other because of the niggardliness of nature.’
    • ‘Its function is to purify the heart from the lowly bestial attributes of lust, calamities of the tongue, anger, malice, jealousy, love of the world, love of fame, niggardliness, greed, ostentation, vanity, deception, etc.’
    meanness, miserliness, parsimony, parsimoniousness, close-fistedness, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, penury, illiberality
    meagreness, inadequacy, scantiness, paltriness, limitedness, restrictedness, insufficiency, sparseness, spareness, deficiency, shortness, slightness, skimpiness, leanness, poorness, poverty, pitifulness, puniness, beggarliness
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