Definition of nigella in US English:



  • A plant of a genus which includes love-in-a-mist.

    Genus Nigella, family Ranunculaceae

    • ‘Great plants that reseed themselves include: nigella, sunflowers, cosmos, sweet alyssum, dill, cornflowers, parsley, yarrow, violets and pansies.’
    • ‘Pockets of spidery white nigella are turning to seed while yellow blossoms of evening primrose tip their faces upwards in the late-morning sun.’
    • ‘Other hardy annuals like nasturtium and nigella can be started off in the cold frame if there is room.’
    • ‘Our arrangement has a woodsy, end-of-season look with coneflowers, nigella pods, millet stems, lamb's ear, and berries from the garden.’
    • ‘Planting early flowers will bring bees to your garden to pollinate the first vegetables - try direct seeding poppies, nigella, larkspur, cosmos and gypsophila.’


Modern Latin, feminine of Latin nigellus, diminutive of niger ‘black’.