Definition of nielsbohrium in US English:



  • A name proposed by the American Chemical Society for the chemical element of atomic number 107, now called bohrium.

    • ‘Elements 107, 108 and 109 are also uncontested discoveries and CNIC accepted the proposals of the discoverers in the Darmstadt group, except for bohrium, rather than nielsbohrium for 107, after consultation with Danish authorities.’
    • ‘Dr. Marinescu was the chief architect of a real-time data acquisition and analysis system used in experiments leading to the discovery of the superheavy elements; meitnerium, hessium, and nielsbohrium.’
    • ‘Bohrium, rather than the proposed nielsbohrium, has the same name as the element boron in both Russian and German.’
    • ‘The same is true of element 105, called hahnium by one group and nielsbohrium by the other.’
    • ‘The Germans suggested the name nielsbohrium, which the Soviets had suggested be given to element 105, to honor the Danish physicist Niels Bohr.’


Modern Latin, from the name of the scientist Niels Bohr (see Bohr, Niels). The term was originally proposed ( c 1971) by Soviet scientists for element 105 (dubnium).