Definition of nickel silver in US English:

nickel silver


  • another term for German silver
    • ‘Sulfur is a harmful impurity in copper-nickel or nickel silver alloys.’
    • ‘Often the spoons were stored and displayed in special vaselike spoon holders called troncs de comptoir (literally, trunks for the counter of a bar), usually made of pewter or copper-plated nickel silver.’
    • ‘Other individual metals and metal alloys such as nickel silver, copper, and scrap silver were less commonly used.’
    • ‘Nearly all were made of electroplated brass, copper, or nickel silver (a white metal alloy).’
    • ‘These alloys, also known as nickel silver, are difficult to melt.’


nickel silver

/ˈnikəl ˈsilvər/