Definition of nickel brass in US English:

nickel brass


  • An alloy of copper, zinc, and a small amount of nickel.

    • ‘I like to use Federal nickel brass for hunting loads because they seem ‘slicker’ than plain brass and chamber better.’
    • ‘In the UK's nickel brass coinage (the twelve-sided threepenny piece) the alloy was Cu 79%, Zn 20%, Ni 1%.’
    • ‘In the mid 1970's large quantities of nickel brass five and ten cents coins were being melted due to the scarcity of brass.’
    • ‘‘Bimetallic coin’ means a coin with joined inner and outer sections, one section being made of cupro-nickel and the other of nickel brass.’
    • ‘I just don't see the benefits to justify buying nickel brass.’