Definition of nichrome in US English:


(also Nichrome)


  • An alloy of nickel with chromium (10 to 20 percent) and sometimes iron (up to 25 percent), used chiefly in high-temperature applications such as electrical heating elements.

    as modifier ‘Nichrome wire’
    • ‘It is easy to sterilize and reuse because nichrome wire resists deterioration with repeated heat/cooling cycles.’
    • ‘Try thicker nichrome wire, or more simply make the span shorter with more supports between hanging objects.’
    • ‘The packaging, sealing and mechanical protection of nichrome resistor films is critical to prevent failures in a nichrome chip when subjected to moisture.’
    • ‘We can help you determine the proper size and configuration of nichrome for your equipment.’
    • ‘Not that they are always so inclined - physics students still ask about the ‘nichrome wire’ experiment.’


Early 20th century: blend of nickel and chrome.