Definition of Nichiren in US English:


(also Nichiren Buddhism)


  • A Japanese Buddhist sect founded by the religious teacher Nichiren (1222–82) with the Lotus Sutra as its central scripture.

    See also Soka Gakkai
    • ‘Alongside the Pure Land and Nichiren schools, the third most important school of Japanese Buddhism is Zen, which came to Japan from China (where it was known as Ch'an) and Korea early in the thirteenth century.’
    • ‘One addresses the popularity in America of Soka Gakkai (Nichiren Buddhism) among blacks and Hispanics, who make up 30% of its 150,000 membership, specifically in the cities.’
    • ‘However, Zen, Nichiren, and Shingon sects of Buddhism are represented in various cities throughout the United States.’
    • ‘For the iconoclastic and controversial Nichiren, the Lotus Sutra alone contained the truth and all other religious views were to be expunged.’
    • ‘Soka Gakkai, a new religion based on the teachings of Nichiren Buddhism, claims 12-million members in 190 countries.’