Definition of nice and — in US English:

nice and —


  • Satisfactorily or adequately in terms of the quality described.

    ‘it's nice and warm in here’
    • ‘Afterwards my sister took the younguns home, where they got off to bed nice and early.’
    • ‘Now the book's no work of art, but it's certainly tightly plotted and nice and tense, which is all it set out to be.’
    • ‘That is nice and clean, except none of that has happened in the Ching Cheong case.’
    • ‘She had smiled, and it was nice and informal, but actually there is something slightly regal about her.’
    • ‘I made a nice and easy swing in slow tempo, and there was no other way but to hit the ball perfectly well.’
    • ‘I wanted to stay inside this shop forever as it was nice and warm and dry inside.’
    • ‘The mash was nice and creamy, but not pulped to mush, and then there were some crunchy sweet potato crisps to top it all off.’
    • ‘Harry Cat was still tucked up nice and warm, sleeping a deep and almost twitch-less sleep.’
    • ‘I look at the pretty couples, nice and happy around me, and I want to be part of that crowd.’
    • ‘The seats are nice and comfortable, with the sports seats on most models featuring extra side bolsters.’