• attributive Second in order of preference; to be preferred if one's first choice is not available.

    ‘the next best thing to flying is gliding’
    • ‘Doux is almost impossible to buy, so the next best thing is a rich or demi-sec style.’
    • ‘Given that the safest option of a separate cycle route away from the road is not possible, the cycle lanes are the next best alternative.’
    • ‘Being a writer can be the next best thing to being anonymous.’
    • ‘If you're a fan, this is the next best thing to visualizing as you read - aside from watching a movie.’
    • ‘To see the postcard, it seemed, was the next best thing to - if not better than - seeing it for ourselves.’
    • ‘The next best thing, after a bath, would be a nice yummy massage.’
    • ‘Instead of articulating my grievances, I pacify them with the next best thing.’
    • ‘The next best option now is to order something with at least one recognisable word in it.’
    • ‘So I did the archive and clean system install, which is the next best thing.’
    • ‘So the next best thing is a fee for service: a property tax on the value of copyrights.’
    • ‘The museum is the next best thing to actually being on the water.’
    • ‘Well, next best thing: a device to help reduce delays on the railways.’
    • ‘The Worlds may not quite be the Olympics, but they are the next best thing.’
    • ‘For all those Elvis fans who dreamed of seeing him on stage in person but never made it, the next best thing is coming to the NEC this month.’
    • ‘But for those unable to get to the funeral, this was the next best thing.’
    • ‘To answer this accurately, you would need to undergo extensive tests - but here's the next best thing.’
    • ‘If you didn't get to MUTEK this year, picking up this collection is probably the next best thing.’
    • ‘But we can do the next best thing and use products specifically formulated for babies to keep our skin soft and supple.’
    • ‘If you don't feel comfortable sticking up for a person then the next best thing to do is keep quiet.’
    • ‘My next best option was to stage a naked protest to the electric company in the middle of the street.’


next best