Definition of newsweekly in English:



  • A newspaper or newsmagazine published on a weekly basis.

    • ‘From the bottom of the barrel comes a pair of newsweeklies, their color faded due to the intervening decades.’
    • ‘The mounting evidence of an impending invasion was suppressed by the Associated Press and United Press International and by all the major newspapers and newsweeklies - in an impressively unanimous act of self-censorship.’
    • ‘But while the newsweeklies can print only a few cyber-fixated pages, Wired pumps out more than 200 in a single issue.’
    • ‘I mean, right now newsweeklies and newspapers will pay for news by buying memoirs from people.’
    • ‘The lesson is simply that the newsweeklies need to be aggressive with their online publishing strategies if they ever hope to move the average reader age downward - or survive, for that matter.’
    • ‘Print ads kicked off March 8 in Barron's, Business Week, Investor's Business Daily, New York Times and newsweeklies.’
    • ‘Well, the newsweeklies have got their covers out.’
    • ‘Add up the audience for all of the progressive independent press: national magazines, local newsweeklies, liberal blogs, Pacifica radio stations.’
    • ‘If justice existed in the mass-media universe, the newsweeklies would now pose the question, ‘Is Post-Feminism Dead?’’
    • ‘If you insist on trashing independent progressive candidates, assuming this is why we have alternative newsweeklies, you could at least get your facts straight.’
    • ‘The newsweeklies can hardly get their biased pieces onto news-stands nowadays before they're discredited.’
    • ‘Of the three mainstream newsweeklies, only Newsweek published a single story related to the march.’
    • ‘The world cannot really be covered in the 21 or 22 minutes of news broadcast in the networks' evening programs or in the hundred odd pages of the newsweeklies or even in the thick wad of newsprint of the Sunday New York Times.’
    • ‘Every day, they scrutinize the top dailies, the three broadcast networks as well as CNN, and the newsweeklies for evidence of ‘liberal bias.’’
    • ‘Stories highlighting the lawsuit abuse ‘problem’ have become a staple in Reader's Digest and the newsweeklies.’
    • ‘Such stories - a staple of the newsweeklies and local news broadcasts - are high on drama and low on facts.’
    • ‘The major TV networks and newsweeklies took the tabloid's favorite obsessions: sex, drugs, violence, the antics of high profile celebrities, and eagerly applied their shock reporting to the Simpson case.’
    • ‘The newsweeklies would have to run more cover stories on ice cream, dreams, and guides to colleges.’
    • ‘Magazine ads were placed in newsweeklies, business publications, and lifestyle magazines with high readership among import-car buyers.’
    • ‘The network newscasts, the newsweeklies and most top dailies have largely ignored it.’