Definition of newsprint in US English:



  • Cheap, low-quality absorbent printing paper made from coarse wood pulp and used chiefly for newspapers.

    • ‘And all with a few simple lines on a few square centimetres of newsprint.’
    • ‘We'll miss the smell of wet ink on newsprint and the whir of the giant presses beneath our feet but not a great deal else about the Black Lubiyanka.’
    • ‘The company is engaged in the making of newsprint, which is primarily recycled paper.’
    • ‘All of these photographs are presented not in frames on the wall, but printed on newsprint in cheap tabloid form.’
    • ‘Bob Moses stands at the front of the spare white room, taping sheets of newsprint to a flip chart.’
    • ‘The increase is necessitated by the recent substantial rise in production costs, particularly of newsprint.’
    • ‘Despite a shortage of newsprint, newspapers and magazines continued to be published in every country during the war years.’
    • ‘So if we could separate out the house buying, the car buying, the changing of jobs, we would save eight million kilos a year of newsprint.’
    • ‘The all familiar contours and figures in black and white come with the fresh smell of newsprint and stay forever fresh in the mind.’
    • ‘They place samples of wood-based newsprint in sealed glass tubes and put the tubes in an oven.’
    • ‘There was certainly more newsprint used on the subject than the clothing material used on the ramp by all the designers combined.’
    • ‘Even scented candles or fresh newsprint are triggers for some people with asthma.’
    • ‘As a bonus, newsprint leaves a dirt-resistant film so your windows will stay clean longer.’
    • ‘Newspapers owned wharves for newsprint and were port employers in their own right at that time, so they had a direct link with our dispute.’
    • ‘Then when we were all satisfied with the composition, they drew the size they wanted on newsprint.’
    • ‘In the acres of newsprint and hours of film footage devoted over the past week to the Queen Mother not even a passing mention has been made of her first cousin.’
    • ‘On each of them Tompkins has stuck a number of sheets of creased, off-white paper, similar in quality to newsprint.’
    • ‘Countless words filled endless miles of newsprint on the subject.’
    • ‘Lesson One in printing on cheap newsprint is surely never to print black type over a highly coloured background.’
    • ‘He was writing sample topics on a piece of newsprint that was taped to shelves stuffed with law books.’