Definition of newsman in US English:



  • A reporter or journalist.

    • ‘A newsman's job is to report the news - not undermine natural inhibitions guided by centuries of moral teaching.’
    • ‘You claim full employment, high bovine productivity, and arrest the newsman who reported the numbers.’
    • ‘The medical personnel then escorted Fuko out of the court, while policemen were busy holding off reporters and newsmen.’
    • ‘I think newsmen are inclined to side with humanity rather than with authority and institutions.’
    • ‘These operations included an attack on the border town of Balibo in October 1975, in which five Australian-based newsmen were murdered by Indonesian commanders to prevent them from reporting on the incursion.’
    • ‘Throwing off a shiver, the newsman recovered to offer a succinct report on the effectiveness of the controversial police deterrent.’
    • ‘‘We were quite literally besieged for about two weeks, with newsmen camped on the doorstep, invading our offices and telephoning at the rate of one a minute,’ he wrote.’
    • ‘When his party activists clapped to his response, newsmen sought to know if it was a press conference or a party meeting.’
    • ‘He recognized the troublesome newsman from the public TV station who actually covered the school committee meetings as part of his regular beat.’
    • ‘We sat stoically as the news dribbled in, mixed with confusing and contradictory reports as the newsmen attempted to ascertain the facts.’
    • ‘According to the airline officials, the passengers on the inaugural flight, including a small contingent of newsmen from Qatar, had been instructed not to panic on seeing the fire tenders pouring water on the aircraft.’
    • ‘Here's a final bit of info: guess which skill journalism bosses think newsmen need the most?’
    • ‘He rather blithely admits that recklessness in a source is a good thing, that nuance is the enemy of good television, that newsmen love news no matter who it hurts.’
    • ‘But executives at the public radio network recently removed the veteran newsman, making him a senior correspondent.’
    • ‘Briefing newsmen in Asaba, the governor exclaimed, ‘We should rule out political motives.’’
    • ‘The Star was among the publications that reported the following day about the newsman being the ‘prime suspect’.’
    • ‘The past week has seen much media coverage of the new countries, with newsmen and broadcasters reporting from Ljubljana, Valletta, Nicosia, Budapest and more.’
    • ‘About a hundred people gathered on this tiny island off the northwest coast of Okinawa on Sunday to remember a newsman who brought war home in the most personal terms.’
    • ‘These two veteran newsmen would make national news themselves with their involvement in the case and would release a series of photographs that would shock the world!’
    • ‘Over the past four years, 13 newsmen have been killed in the country's crime-ridden southwest, assassinated by crime gangs some police believe are linked to political groups.’