Definition of newsie in US English:


(US newsy)


  • 1A reporter.

    • ‘The voters, I'll bet, would want the candidates to - and us newsies to - write about real stuff.’
    • ‘For Seattleites, the top story (at least on the radio) is local newsies reporting on their own presence at the investigation scene in Tacoma, where a tree trunk used for target practice was hauled away yesterday.’
    • ‘That response satisfied the newsies, and probably solidified Capuano's helpful positioning as a pragmatic moderate in a left-heavy field.’
    • ‘We newsies seemed to have rediscovered normality.’
    • ‘Websites from Poynter, Assignment Editor, CyberJournalist and many others pulled together to help out our fellow newsies.’
    • ‘It's a CNN news interview with witnesses and newsies.’
    • ‘And why do you think the cable newsies and entertainment hypocrites spent so much time covering this story?’
    • ‘Two hired carriages carried a delegation of newsies to Mount Olivet Cemetery on Long Island, where Charity's body was interred in a private plot.’
    • ‘The other newsies had as well and were quite tickled by her comment.’
    • ‘Take Bloggers and other newsies in North America and you could bury the other shows with ratings.’
    • ‘Bill Pullman is the film's one pleasant surprise, nicely underplaying reporter and newsie advocate Bryan Denton and providing the film's few precious moments of calm.’
    • ‘The Chief told newsies that the stickee, Jerry Brown, and the sticker, one Timothy Newman, had been barhopping and were more than a tiny bit anesthetized when they got into a fistfight about who-knows-what, and Jerry won.’
    • ‘It's better to let the newsies extinctify themselves on their own terms, freeing up the slot - and then pop the bubbly.’
    • ‘He stalked across the street, ignoring the catcalls of the local newsies in regard to his clothing.’
    • ‘Journalism is becoming badly degraded, when we can hardly tell the difference between straight newsies and opinionists (like me).’
    • ‘Later, a spokesman for the legendary soccer player told newsies that Pele simply took off his cap, leaned forward where the gunmen could see him, and the robbery deflated instantly.’
    • ‘We newsies are not good at restraint on such occasions.’
    • ‘In the Lateline version, there is nothing political at work: Tangled Banners is a sex-filled Peyton Place with newsies.’
    • ‘But will Ireland's newsies catch on, or is blogging a foreign game?’
    1. 1.1 A person who sells or delivers newspapers.
      • ‘These included: cleanliness, tenement house reform, eliminating vices such as prostitution and ending child labor, especially newsies.’
      • ‘The Brooklyn newsies were out hawking the headlines, and with the snow and the cold were most likely to be in a sour mood.’
      • ‘She dashed in that direction, stumbling over people's feet and nearly knocking over a stack of newspapers that some local newsie was selling.’
      • ‘They attacked the street trades for nearly opposite reasons: children who worked on the streets as newsies, bootblacks, peddlers or messengers were given too much freedom and stimulation.’
      • ‘When they entered it was full of cold wet newsies trying to get warmed up.’
      • ‘While proper children dined regularly, the newsies gobbled snacks of doughnuts or hotdogs washed down with large bowls of coffee.’
      • ‘Tomorrow the Captain will probably have all the newsies sign the contract, and then it should be smooth sailing for us all.’
      • ‘Her final waking came with the cry of a newsie outside of the building hawking the headline in a most annoying fashion.’