Definition of news peg in US English:

news peg


  • An aspect or angle of a story that makes it newsworthy.

    ‘Talese further expanded traditional journalistic practice by delaying a story's news peg until as late in a story as he could manage’
    • ‘His news peg is the housing market, which he says is more likely to crash than not.’
    • ‘The story, apparently plucked from the Drudge Report and then localized, didn't have a concrete news peg.’
    • ‘But since the sidewalk's not melting, if I want any sort of news peg for this column, I'll have to venture into the murky-as-tar area of All This Talk about the ‘Marriage Penalty.’’
    • ‘Although death is the obvious news peg, an obituary, like any story, needs a central point.’
    • ‘Still, it needed a news peg, the original one having long since evaporated.’