Definition of news conference in US English:

news conference


North American
  • A press conference.

    • ‘We are expecting a news conference from the Atlanta police chief in the next few moments.’
    • ‘The two men met for an hour before the news conference amid rising tensions between Israel and Europe.’
    • ‘Here though are some other comments he made at a brief news conference in New York.’
    • ‘The accusations came at a news conference called by the caucus to address the issue of press freedom.’
    • ‘At an extraordinary news conference, copies of the report were handed out.’
    • ‘They're just about to begin a news conference which we'll be watching closely for you.’
    • ‘He told a news conference on August 16 that it was likely that accession would be postponed.’
    • ‘The mayor is going to have a news conference later today to give us an update on the plan to rebuild the city.’
    • ‘On April 3, the first news conference was held for journalists from home and abroad.’
    • ‘What follows is the speech the president didn't make at his news conference last week.’
    • ‘Both men denied any wrongdoing when they appeared in handcuffs at a news conference in Manila on Tuesday.’
    • ‘He spoke at a news conference announcing the final report of the Special Committee on Illegal Drugs, which he chaired.’
    • ‘There is going to be a news conference by the board of directors of the party in a couple of hours.’
    • ‘He told a news conference the allied expeditionary force was making progress north and closing in on the capital Baghdad.’
    • ‘He will talk to us after the mayor steps up to the podium and gives his live news conference.’
    • ‘His re-entry into civilization was not marked by a news conference with camera flashes and barked questions.’
    • ‘The Fox reporter at the news conference tried to coax the major into saying more than he was saying.’
    • ‘The two of them stood together at a news conference and said there was no case.’
    • ‘But such was the bad blood between the two rivals that neither would agree to a joint news conference later that day.’
    • ‘It's one thing to hold a news conference or a briefing where you get a few questions on a given topic.’


news conference

/n(j)uz ˈkɑnf(ə)rəns/