Definition of news bulletin in English:

news bulletin


  • A short radio or television broadcast of news reports.

    • ‘As you remember, it begins as the interruption of a broadcast of a concert from a club by a news bulletin reporting the sighting of what is perhaps the crash of a meteor.’
    • ‘Mr Graves said on a television news bulletin on Monday night that he had seen children playing with the papers.’
    • ‘However, Bulgarian National Television has a news bulletin in Turkish at 5.10 pm.’
    • ‘On the television was a news bulletin that several Police officers had been killed as they tried to lift a siege of a neighbourhood.’
    • ‘On a recent radio news bulletin, it was reported that the Metropolitan Police has denounced road humps for the damage they are doing to its vehicles.’
    • ‘Distressed employees at the troubled Sara Lee factory in Killarney have rounded on management after learning on a radio news bulletin that they are to lose their jobs.’
    • ‘My favourite story comes from a BBC Scotland television news bulletin.’
    • ‘As he broadcasts his news, the latest news bulletin is posted online.’
    • ‘In markets and tea shops, the news bulletin flashed from transistor radios in Arabic and Urdu, Dari and Pashto.’
    • ‘Just who do the council think they are, telling us we're not allowed to report any disagreements with them in our branch news bulletin?’
    • ‘The police investigation had taken three years and the court case ran for over two months thereby making it a particularly intricate story to sum up within the confines of a television news bulletin.’
    • ‘And then you have questions of scale - is a news bulletin a programme?’
    • ‘For the first time in the history of a Malayalam television channel, there will also be an English news bulletin.’
    • ‘My son Jeremy called out to me to rush over and watch a news bulletin on television.’
    • ‘We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin.’
    • ‘The Guidelines contain fine words, and they are breached by every BBC news bulletin, every day of the year.’
    • ‘As the nation held its breath and the local broadcaster held its evening news bulletin, Waugh drilled the final ball of the day through the covers, punched the air, and secured his immortality.’
    • ‘When he got home, Jenny was watching a special news bulletin.’
    • ‘At about 1: 40 pm, the programme was interrupted for a news flash (or news bulletin, as we called them here).’
    • ‘Right in the middle of dinner, a news bulletin came on on the television.’


news bulletin