Definition of Newmarket in English:



  • 1A card game in which the players put down cards in sequence, hoping to be the first to play all their cards and also to play certain special cards on which bets have been placed.

    • ‘Whether planning party games (Newmarket, Old Maid, and Oh Hell!), or a civilized card evening with friends, this will be an invaluable source of information.’
    • ‘It does not matter in Newmarket that initially some players have more cards than others.’
  • 2A close-fitting overcoat of a style originally worn for riding.

    • ‘A Newmarket coat was a long, fitted coat with tails, used for riding and named for the Newmarket racecourse.’
    • ‘He had on a blue Newmarket coat with a large cape to it, jacket and breeches of the same colour, double breasted, and trimmed with black horn buttons; he has a large scar on his head, talks much, coarse and hoarse, and is very quarrelsome when drunk.’
    • ‘With this you can see that the modern morning coat is what was once called a ‘Newmarket coat’.’
    • ‘However, I have never seen a Newmarket coat with square cutaway fronts in the manner of a dress coat.’
    • ‘He had on a Newmarket coat of light bath coating, not bound, but stitched on the edges, with death head buttons on it.’