Definition of newly in English:



  • 1Recently.

    ‘a newly acquired skill’
    • ‘You see, he will need to get out of this bed to be able to use his newly acquired toilet skills during the night.’
    • ‘The Congress also showed realism about India's newly acquired nuclear weapons status.’
    • ‘Why would a record company place a newly discovered work of art on an album that's a collection of oldies and call it a bonus track?’
    • ‘If your pet is a newly acquired puppy then rampant chewing goes with the territory.’
    • ‘He did not say that some of the newly acquired information was three years old or more.’
    • ‘If I continue with this newly acquired skill of holding my breath, I may still survive.’
    • ‘Proud Sardinian producers already are taking steps to preserve their newly discovered heritage.’
    • ‘Hands trembling while holding your newly acquired gadget you dash to your car.’
    • ‘In order to foot the bill the city is using newly acquired powers that allow the authority to borrow much more than previously agreed.’
    • ‘Moreover, the bulk of the newly acquired lands were not democratically distributed to yeomen pioneers.’
    • ‘It helped the fragile, newly emerging state acquire a sense of itself.’
    • ‘The recent debate in the newly formed Northern Ireland Assembly drives this point home.’
    • ‘Ami's tale concerned a day at the lake - and the newly discovered joys of birding.’
    • ‘I'm cured and I will now give you advice based on my long experience of this condition and newly acquired insight.’
    • ‘He said he had recently bought five newly released movies on DVD from Nu Metro.’
    • ‘However, in some cases heavy losses occurred among recently shorn sheep and newly born lambs.’
    • ‘His favorite part of his newly acquired apartment is the balcony that overlooks Eagles Bridge.’
    • ‘Here I am in a boat, with fellow fisherman, Hal, pitting my newly acquired skills against the canny trout.’
    • ‘Here's a picture of that ancient, newly discovered frog from the hills of Kerala.’
    • ‘One of the success stories of more recent times is the newly formed Active Retirement Club.’
    not long ago, a short time ago, in the last few days, in the last few months, in the last few weeks, in the past few days, in the past few months, in the past few weeks, a little while back
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  • 2Again; afresh.

    ‘social confidence for the newly single’
    • ‘Nancy completed the CA program while fitting it into the realities of life as a newly single parent.’
    • ‘Stella, 54, is newly single and has decided to enter this new phase of her life by doing something different.’
    • ‘He played the drums in a local hardcore band, and was apparently newly single.’
    1. 2.1 In a new or different manner.
      ‘we have to make ourselves newly aware of each text’
      • ‘She rode home from the hospital newly aware that the shadow on her left side was death.’
      • ‘As awareness grows steadily it could stand as a fresh society, highly conscious and newly environmentally aware.’
      • ‘Not hard advice to take when you are so newly aware of the presence of your lungs.’