Definition of newb in US English:



  • ‘it's easy enough for total newbs to pick up and play’
    short for newbie
    • ‘I bought SEOBook as an internet newb 2 years ago, after reading tonnes of schlock, it was great to get some solid information about how to market properly on the net, thank you for the resource.’
    • ‘Also quite nice not to be the one paying the plane fare all the time (If some of you newbs haven't guessed yet - I live in Switzerland).’
    • ‘The newbs will like it, says Bryant, because "It's a normal user account, so someone can use it for e-mail and mobile work, and see if it's comfortable for day-to-day use."’
    • ‘I met the GM on the day before the game (to get the backstory right, roll my character etc.) and, during the process, he commented on how I seemed to know a lot about the system (and role playing as a whole) for a complete newb.’
    • ‘While everyone will suffer in the course of finishing, it should be a particularly severe test in pain endurance for these three "newbs".’
    • ‘Sorry, I'm still such a newb but what does "bootstrapping" mean in the SEO context?’
    • ‘It's hard, complex work that takes decades to master: newbs shouldn't expect a free handout and overnight success.’
    • ‘In our first forays into online Call of Duty we were abject newbs, innocent babes thrown into the deep end without our favorite swimmies.’
    • ‘For you newbs out there, here's a crash course in txtspk.’
    novice, starter, learner, student, pupil, trainee, apprentice, probationer
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