Definition of New Romantic in US English:

New Romantic


  • Denoting a style of popular music and fashion popular in Britain in the early 1980s in which both men and women wore makeup and dressed in flamboyant clothes.

    • ‘Making clubbing and dancing, rather than the gig, central was a crucial step (for Visage specifically, but for the New Romantic scene in general).’
    • ‘Punctuated by stabs of early Bunnymen guitar and bouncing almost New Romantic bass, it's stamped through with energy and authority, those early nerves replaced by a confident stage presence.’
    • ‘For those familiar with his work, and the scene that grew up around it, you can see a lot of Nomi in legendary party boy Leigh Bowery, as well as Steve Strange and the entire Blitz / New Romantic movement.’
    • ‘He has scorned the punk spikes and New Romantic wave.’
    • ‘Preening New Romantic fops they may have been, but at least they were good preening New Romantic fops.’


  • A performer or enthusiast of New Romantic music.

    • ‘Despite the music press making a few doomed attempts to revive the New Romantics under various Neo-Romo banners, it was a youth culture that has not had the shelf life of goth, punk or even, thank you The Darkness, heavy metal.’
    • ‘For 30 years, punks, New Romantics and rockabillies have paraded before Iain McKell's lens.’
    • ‘He reckoned, however, without the New Romantics: a phrase used to describe the bands, musical styles and fashions of the 80s which are the subject of this self-admiring new musical with songs by Boy George and book by Mark Davies.’
    • ‘The quintessential New Romantics had become nondescript pop sell-outs with the snap of a finger.’
    • ‘Rag trade insiders say designs will go retro once more, taking their inspiration from the 1970s and the New Romantics of the 1980s, with frills and flouncy, folk-inspired long skirts.’