Definition of new math in US English:

new math

(British new maths)


  • A system of teaching mathematics to younger children, with emphasis on investigation and discovery by them and on set theory.

    • ‘I happened, instead, to get a job writing and illustrating children's books for the new social sciences, which followed the new math and the new physics, which followed Sputnik in 1957.’
    • ‘This followed the new English scheme, the introduction of science as a subject, and ‘the new maths really swung into action when I was at Waitara Central, where we were classified as a special resource school in that subject.’’
    • ‘Prudie rejoices with you that you have skated away from PTA meetings and new math, but you sound somewhat overinvolved with the financial aspects of parenthood.’
    • ‘The Moral Majority attacked not only multiculturalism and new math but unstructured academic approaches such as the open classroom and creative writing.’


new math

/ˌn(y)o͞o ˈmaTH/