Definition of New Jerusalem in US English:

New Jerusalem

proper noun

  • 1The abode of the blessed in heaven (with reference to Rev. 21:2).

    1. 1.1as noun a New Jerusalem An ideal place or situation.
      • ‘‘Today we see that great 1945 government as coming closest to building a New Jerusalem,’ Blair said.’
      • ‘In addition to being a tourist Mecca, Orlando was becoming a New Jerusalem for international evangelical organizations, much like Colorado Springs.’
      • ‘Those Europeans who dreamed about the dawn of a New Jerusalem were fascinated by the American political experiment.’
      • ‘Aberfan, mining closures and economic decline destroyed this New Jerusalem.’
      • ‘Henry George appears to have believed that if we had the right laws, men would be angels, that a New Jerusalem could be established by one simple change in property rights.’
      • ‘Instead of employing armed security guards and erecting gold-tipped gates, they are using bars and restaurants to build a New Jerusalem in south Manchester.’
      • ‘Was it not Barbara Castle who urged us to build a New Jerusalem in the post-war period?’
      • ‘They cast their lot among society's castaways, aiming to make these mean streets into a New Jerusalem, a city on a hill.’
      • ‘Pogofenokee is surely not a New Jerusalem, where everyone wants to do what they should do; on the other hand, Auden's descriptive axioms of Eden (where you ought to do whatever you want) mostly apply.’
      • ‘There are Christians and communists, who carve communes into the soil, hunt, trap, and sell crafts and furs, like the Puritans before them who settled the lower forty-eight in search of a New Jerusalem.’
      • ‘In Kulikoff's telling it was the yearning for land - not for a New Jerusalem or new markets or empires or geopolitics or trade routes or raw materials - that drove the settlement of England's North American colonies.’
      • ‘Fortunately there are no final solutions, hellish or benign, the Holocaust or a New Jerusalem on earth.’
      • ‘In 1642, Montreal began as a would-be spiritual Utopia, founded by a group of religious visionaries in Paris who wanted to build a New Jerusalem in the wilderness.’
      • ‘Blake longed for fame and an enthusiastic audience, to build a New Jerusalem, but refused to compromise to make his work more accessible.’
      • ‘It is hardly the broad sunlit uplands, let alone a New Jerusalem.’
      • ‘There was also a Millenarian tradition based on a literal understanding of the Book of Revelations and the establishment of a New Jerusalem.’


New Jerusalem

/ˌn(y)o͞o jəˈro͞os(ə)ləm/