Definition of New England boiled dinner in US English:

New England boiled dinner


  • A dish of meat (often corned beef), cabbage or other vegetables, and potatoes, prepared by simmering in water.

    • ‘A common meat dish was New England boiled dinner, a one-pot meal that simmered all day over an open fire.’
    • ‘Other featured delicacies include a New England boiled dinner and grilled rainbow trout.’
    • ‘For those of you not familiar with this meal in a pot, the New England boiled dinner is a classic that has changed very little over the years.’
    • ‘I have a friend whose New England boiled dinner is so good he could open a restaurant, serve only the boiled dinner and it would always be crowded.’
    • ‘It is a noisy place, but you'll certainly get the flavor of Boston here, and among the traditional favorites on the menu are New England boiled dinners, schrod, beef stew, lobster and cod.’